ann arbor wedding planner

Weddings are memorable life-changing occasions that often take a lot of effort and resources to adequately plan. It is in a fact a challenge for every wedding planner to do their best and provide as much planning services as supported by the budget without compromising the quality offered. In sophisticated places like Ann Arbor, finding wedding planning services should not be a daunting task especially since there are many professional that offer such services within the whole region of Michigan. However, not all planners can guarantee top-notch services. Wedding planning can be very elaborate and there are several activities involves depending on the budget. But how would you tell if your Ann Arbor wedding planner exhausted the list of what they could achieve? The only way you can tell is if you know all the services involved in wedding planning. Here is a brief description of some of the popular services you should keep an eye on when planning or reviewing your wedding:

• Ambience creation
This is the first step to wedding planning and while you can achieve it on your own, it is advisable to bring in a wedding planner. Close your eyes and picture your wedding, the setting, venue, guests, theme and everything you wish for and list them down. If you do not have sufficient insights, pick a couple of wedding magazines and cut out all the pictures that attract you at first glance. Place them separately for review and find out what colors, themes and style suite your preference.

• Decoration and theme creation
This service involves making all decorative items available from flowers to candles, drapes, curtains, table cloths, decorative lighting, paints, portraits, boards, glitters and strings. If your budget allows it, you can add geode designs and furniture items.

• Pre-wedding practices
This service helps organize pre-wedding practices such as dances, photography and moves. If you want to incorporate unique moments into your wedding, practicing before the actual wedding can be very rewarding.

• Guest list preparation
Most wedding planner Ann Arbor services do not include this as it is upon you to select the guests you want. Nonetheless, they should give you a rough estimate you can work with based on the budget.

• Food and drinks
This is a very important service as you want to ensure all your guests are fed and the cake is enough for everyone who should have it. The service includes hiring caterers or meal delivery if this is what you go for.

• Photography and videography
If you want to capture every moment, you will need the services of a professional camera crew.

• Sound system and entertainment
Sound systems may be offered in the venue or not. You can hire and also bring in wedding bands and artists to make things livelier.

• Security
If you expect many important guests, you can hire additional security units and cameras to keep you safe.

• Clearing
Post wedding clearing is just as important as everything else. Make sure you budget for this service to leave your venues and receptions clean and also to avoid forgetting anything behind.

There are many other services involved and not every wedding planner in Michigan can offer everything. Most of the time, the planners bring in associates from other departments or people they have worked with before to cover specific areas like security, photography and catering. Make sure you have your quality service guarantees and do your homework to review each wedding planner before trusting them.