Digital Marketing Company London

How Good is Your Digital Marketing Strategy

More and more time and money needs to be spent in perfecting your online marketing as if you don’t you will be left behind and your competitors will take over.

Everything from finding the best deal on a new jacket, to looking for a good plumber can be done online and is more and more. Facebook, youtube Google and Instagram are all growing does that mean more money is being spent on marketing not really, what is does mean is marketing strategise are changing, rather than spend money on magazine or radio businesses small and large are opting for spending that money more wisely – online!

With a vast array of settings options and things that need to be done to get your online marketing up to scratch it can be very  overwhelming. Running a business can already take up all your time, adding in another variable can be very stressful.

This is why choosing the right digital marketing company Marbella is so important.

Find the right advertising agency marbella and they will find the right strategy.

The first step is to do a little research into marketing companies and pick one to contact, then form there you can get an idea of services costs and more.

•know there stuff: a quick chat and proposal will usually see if an SEO company Marbella who is in the know and who is just sending you a price list.

•practice what they preach: they have results for there own business and are doing things you want to replicate in your own business.

•all ducks in a row: Are the facebook marketing expert Marbella are they are efficient and understand you, as you are there target market if they don’t understand there target audience how can you expect them to understand your target audience

•gets results: does the SEO Expert Marbella they try and lock you into a long term contract without demonstrating to you they can get results or with out some sort of guarantee if so then be wary good companies stand by there service and require less upfront.


Identify Your Goals

what do you want from an Best advertising agency Marbella ? Come in with a clear goal of what you what and expect to get from your marketing, allow yourself a budget and formulate some goals you want the company to achieve, being realistic here is key, you cant spend 500 per month and make 50,000 you need a clear return on investment that is consistent and good rule of thumb is 2:1 every dollar euro or pound you put in you want 2 back.




The good thing about online marketing is is trackable and traceable giving you and you marketing company the power to observe tweak improve, change and double up on things that work and don’t work.

Saying “I want to get 50% more customers” is better than just saying “I want more customers”

Goals must also be measurable. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing whether or not you are achieving them.

Choose Your Digital Marketing Channels

with so many marketing channels your marketing company needs to briefly explain each one and why each one is good for each business then they can advise the channels they think are best , video marketing may be better for visual products such as real estate or physical products

where as Facebook adverts will be better for services like plumber or carpenter. A marketing consultant London will be able to tell you all you need to know Qube digital marketing is highly recommended

The 3 main channels  to choose from:

•Organic Visibility: SEO work done here is done on your website and will increase your visibility in organic searches which is an important part of getting traffic and customers an SEO expert Marbella is a must.

•Paid Advertising: Paying for advertisement is a must for real growth it can add up so doing it efficiently is a must

•Video Marketing: for certain industries this is a must tactics such as how videos or product reviews can be good

Then happily watch your business grow as you reap the results of your marketing strategy.