Howitreat.MD Medical Education Platform

Global Medical Education Provider Introduces Multiple Media Formats

The leading medical education platform SEI Healthcare recently announced a total rebranding of one of its top programs,, to the new domain The renovation will see a new emphasis on the virtual patient simulations and multiple media formats to benefit healthcare professionals’ need for continued education.

Essentially, is diversifying its services as a medical education platform. The new omnichannel approach aims to cover all possible bases for their ever-increasing user base. Howitreat.MD grants healthcare professionals the opportunity to consult numerous medical experts from various specialties through varying mediums. The new multiple media formats include videos, podcasts, webinars, journals, and the newly announced interactive workshops.

The newly rebranded platform is accessible entirely free of charge and available in a multitude of languages. SEI Healthcare understands that the best HCP educational platforms champion accessibility. This open-access approach remains a central theme through their rebrand, which is why howitreat.MD offers so many avenues for education. The focus on accessibility has proven especially critical for practitioners serving remote regions in Latin America and Asia. Healthcare professionals have increasingly turned to online data when in-person care remains out of reach.

The interactive education models presented by SEI Healthcare promote effective learning techniques without the fear of digital fatigue. Virtual patient simulations for healthcare professionals receive active feedback, paired with interactive learning materials, to make an immersive experience. Howitreat.MD possesses a centralized medical education platform that gives healthcare professionals everything they need to further their practices.

Howitreat.MD is continually updating its resources in real-time to represent only the latest, up-to-date information. Healthcare professionals must respond to changes in patient needs as they happen. A practitioner’s medical education platform of choice must behave the same way so that the provider can offer the best care possible.

The accuracy of medical information is of utmost importance. SEI Healthcare understands this, which is why the global reach of howitreat.MD is its particular strength. No matter where users are, they can access wholly accurate material whenever they need it. This reach can strengthen both personal patient care and general knowledge for healthcare providers.

The rebranding of to is an especially exciting time for SEI Healthcare. It signifies an expansion of the medical education platform for doctors  that benefits thousands across the globe. The rebranding is just the start. Pay attention to howitreat.MD for future updates as the platform expands.