Things to do in Marbella and Plaza beach Marbella

Situated on Costa del Sol, Spain, where Andalusia meets the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella is a picturesque town, which offers adventure, entertainment, fashionable beach life and great shopping opportunities. If you happen to travel to this Spanish town, make sure to visit the following places, in order to have a wonderful time.

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Old Town

Take a chance to visit the Old Town of Marbella, where you can admire the ancient architecture, the narrow streets, that are full of boutique shops and great art galleries. At the centre of old town there is an Andalucian square (the Orange Square), which is full of orange trees and various tropical plants. Actually the Old Town buzzes with activity and you can select to dine or enjoy your coffee in one of the most amazing restaurants and cafes in town. Keep in mind that the restaurants serve a big variety of food, from gourmet food to authentic Spanish tapas.

Avenida del Mar

If you love art, you should definitely visit Avenida del Mar, a wide pedestrian avenue, which is located between the Old Town and the Paseo Maritimo. Here you can find the most amazing collections of original sculptures by Salavdor Dali, in bronze, as well as two other sculptures by Eduardo Soriano. In case you like to rest a bit, you can sit at one of the numerous welcoming benches along the avenue and just admire the fantastic sculptures.

Alameda Park

Located on the south part of Old Town, this small park offers you a great opportunity to rest and enjoy tranquility. It boasts a magnificent central fountain, which is decorated with Andalucian old tiles. Moreover, the Alameda Park has many tropical plants and many benches in order to rest and it’s one of the top Marbella hen do , Spain.

Beachside Promenade

Take a chance to walk along the promenade by the coast, in order to view the amazing scenery around you and enjoy some of the most wonderful sunsets in the city. The promenade has joined up recently with a spectacular wooden boardwalk for pedestrians to be able to stroll from Marbella all the way to Puerto Banus and even further to San Pedro, if your looking for a good time try private boat hire marbella

Bonsai Museum

One of the top and best things to do in Marbella is to visit the Bonsai museum, where you can admire an amazing exhibition of bonsai trees, as well as the best Olive Tree collection in the whole world. The museum boasts also the ‘Pinsapo Pine’, which is a 300 years old Acebuche Olive tree, which is close to extinction. You can just see the whole museum in 20 minutes. Keep in mind though that there are no descriptions of what you see in the exhibitions. This amazing museum was founded in 1992 and today it has more than 300 copies of these dwarf trees, scattered along in more than 1,000 square meters.

Marbella Mosque, boat hire marbella & Nikki Beach Bed Prices Marbella or Plaza Beach Marbella

If you love to see a beautiful Arabian temple, just visit the Marbella Moque (known also as King Abdul Aziz Mosque). It’s a beautiful temple, that was built by Cordoban architect Jan Mora, which can hold more than 800 people. While in the mosque you can see the amazing modern Andalucian architecture, which mixes in the most beautiful way with the contemporary arabic style. The mosque is surrounded by beautiful gardens and it also contains a library with a collection of 30,000 volumes, focusing on Koranic studies.